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What do you like most about the CDI training program

  • The small group made a"personalized feel" to it. The  case discussions were very helpful

  • Able to ask questions.  Very informative

  • The instructors are very nice and easy to talk to, very much approachable

  • Very organized and trainers are well prepared

  • The instructors are very nice and easy to talk to, very much approachable

  • Coding  and clinical documentation conflicts can occur and  can be valid or is valid from then own prespective

  • Information was relevant and  up to date

  • We learned a lot about PDX and how to code properly

  • The interaction between instructor and attendees

  • As a neophyte in CDI, it does look complicated the whole CDI training, but the trainers were exceptionally good and i am encouraged

  • Good speakers, good visual aids and good food

  • It gives me wider knowledge about another aspect of my clinical  practice

  • Very concrete basic knowledge for newbies in the field

  • Reviewing medical record and identifying inconsistencies on MD documentation

  • Very informative and the lecturers are very engaging

  • Encouraging, funny and engaging

  • The interactions, organized material and sample case studies were very helpful

  • It makes me understand the CDI point of  view

  • The presentation and case studies were easy to follow and understand

  • Very informative, good review MDC, CCs and MCCs

  • Clarified CDI concepts

  • Every topics are very informative. Presentors are very lively and knowledgeable

  • Love the case studies

  • Appropriate and accurate documentation pays

  • The wealth of information and the camaraderie with the instructors

what aspects of the training could be improved

  • Everything was good!!!

  • Probably having an encoder present to show the flow of the tree and the changes in DRG as impact

  • Good venue: expensive parking though

  • A snapshot of general CDI workflow

  • Room was too cold

  • Food is good

  • Lunch choices

  • 2 days training is never enough but as an introduction to CDI, it can springboard the learning curve

  • Can we have "summary List"of all MDCs (short list) or a brochure/foldable brochure or on paper

  • Actual sample in the computer

  • A list of cheat sheet of CDI lingo to refer to throughout the seminars would be helpful

  • Include more case studies to have more practice

  • More examples of query opportunities, especially examples clinical indicators for certain diseases

  • More "simple query" would be helpful. Just having "case sutides" is sometimes difficult because there is a lot of discussion so a lot of information is difficultd to capture by just taking notes

  • It was a very thorough class. I learned a lot

additional commments

  • Job well done for a 1st time seminar! Certainly very pleased !!!.  Thank you!!!

  • Also having some query samples to show

  • I'm new to CDI, I had no idea about it, but the way it was explained and taught was very easy to understand.  Thank you

  • Love the overall training

  • Well explained process and proper coding

  • The  trainers are very knowledgeable of the topic/s

  • Very good insight to the work that CDI-RNs do. A better pamphlet/flyer of the program for reimbursement purpose

  • Learned a lot

  • Well prepared lecture

  • Enjoyed the presentation, very well organized and helpful with questions related to studied topics

  • I enjoyed the training and got a better understanding of CDI. I will utilize what I learned in my current position and feel more confident with this training

  • Everything is good, looking forward for other topics

  • This is enjoyable and educational seminar. I would recommend to my RN colleagues. I appreciate the differentiation btw coder and clinical perceptions explained. It really helped

  • I loved the whole experience

  • Please offer future training and any updates

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